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About Us

We are online firefighters. We medically assist businesses that could do much better online than they are. We take businesses under our wing, solve problems, improve visibility, and make them far more profitable. We are a premier agency and always aim for results at 10 – 60 times ROI

Who’s Talkin’ is a hero brand, which is the type of brand that stands for something. We care more about you than our profit margins, cultivate high ethical standards, have an interest in bettering the world, and wish to deliver positivity & excellence to you. Because of this white-knight philosophy, we tend to over-deliver the work we do and are passionate about every project on which we embark.

Are you a hero brand as well? Do you treat your customers better than your competitors do? If so, we wish to hear from you, because you belong at the top.

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The adventure of turning a business into a super star in its area is our greatest passion – one that gives us more than just the money we are making together.

Our founder has more than 18 years of experience in the field of SEO, making him one of the earliest adopters of this craft. We create enormous results and goodwill in the marketplace for every business we work with, maintaining an on-going relationship for many years to come.

Our philosophy is a very positive one. We are relaxed and see our clients as friends that we want to help to the best of our ability. We also have an outspoken social mission, as we like to do free services for philanthropic and environmental organizations and occasionally support such causes financially.

Professionally, we see ourselves as allies to Google and consider our relationship with the search engine symbiotic. Google wishes to place the most relevant websites at the top, which leads us to optimize websites in a way that Google loves to see and promote. By focusing on relevant content, improving website speed, great user experience, social media engagement and much more, we help Google to better understand the authority of your business. In turn, Google rewards you with massive success in the search results. This is the symbiosis between our strategies and the search engine.

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