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1. Why Search Engine Optimization?

Quite simple! It’s because at least one-third of all search queries have a local reference. This is not surprising, since we carry the web in our pockets today, thanks to mobile devices. Nobody dusts off the yellow pages anymore to find a local plumber or dentist. This is exactly why it is important for you to be found in local searches. Whether on Google, Bing or in directories and rating portals such as TripAdvisor, we make sure your web properties are diverse, optimized and visible to those searching for your products & services.

At the top of Google, you also find a Google maps section that displays 3 businesses. You can receive traffic to your website and direct phone calls from a listing in that “snack pack”, as it is called. By ranking #1 and in the snack pack, local businesses get around 40% of all users to their website – plus phone calls. Since all of this traffic is organic (no ads), it is free and represents a tremendous opportunity for growth. With so much traffic and visibility, increasing your customer base is child’s play and automatic. The only cost is the one we charge to make this happen and constantly defend your top position against both competitors and changes in how Google evaluates websites.

2. Who Benefits From This?

All businesses with a local presence benefit from top rankings, as you appear exactly where people are searching for solutions to whatever problem they may have. Here are a few examples of great industries for SEO:

  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Doctors, dentists, plastic surgeons, etc
  • Lawyers and Tax Consultants
  • Roofing, HVAC, remodeling, and other professional services
  • Shops (toys, furniture etc.)

As an online marketing agency, we have already helped many businesses to become visible with local search queries in Google and in relevant directories. It does not matter where your business is located or what your profession may be, SEO is the most efficient and profitable marketing avenue for you.

3. Content Optimization

The expression “Content is king” should have already crossed the path of everyone who is concerned with SEO in Atlanta. Not only are visitors happy to consume and share high-quality content with others, but it is also the most important ranking factor for Google as far as your own website is concerned.

Good content is not about stuffing as many keywords in your text as possible, but about the entire text and heading structure, the holistic readability, and the integration of additional content supporting formats such as images, infographics, and videos. Well-structured content that’s easy to read and completely covers a particular topic has the best chance of making it to the top at Google. Content alone is not enough, mind you, it is the basis upon which rankings are built.

Steps to content optimization:

  1. Content audit
  2. Creation of high-quality and unique texts with added value for the reader
  3. Optimization of headings and heading structure
  4. Optimization of image files (e.g. setting alt attributes so that search engines can better interpret images)
  5. Avoid duplicate content and remove it if necessary
  6. Expansion of internal linking
  7. Allocation of an individual page title for the homepage and for each subpage of the entire website

4. Become Competitive

As more and more businesses realize the potential of a top ranking in Google, the competition is growing online every day. Search terms (keywords) that have a high monthly search volume (i.e. are searched for by many people) are highly sought after by your competitors. It has become very difficult for businesses to secure such highly competitive keywords. There is simply too much search engine optimization going now, both in large and small cities. But no matter if you are here in Atlanta or elsewhere, like in Minneapolis or  NYC, we can bring you to the top.

So why should Google let a new player to the top? A website must first achieve a certain authority for a subject in order to earn Google’s trust. Depending on the competition of the keywords, this can take 5-12 months if done correctly. With our Atlanta SEO agency by your side, you only need patience and an adequate monthly budget to be competitive and become visible. Google does not allow a website to rank in the top 3 practically overnight or within a week. This is only possible if you have a very strong website and add, say, a new article on a topic with low competition. Only in such a case will an article quickly appear in a top spot. When it comes to competitive, valuable search terms, a business website needs to prove itself over time and continuously build its authority – which is precisely what we do.

SEO is a marathon without a defined end. Even when you are at the top, we need to constantly ensure your position, for this is a race and if you stop running, your competitors will overtake you. Also, Google changes its algorithm every day and websites need to adapt to them in order to remain the most relevant. We are always on top of these changes with research across our website portfolio. It may take a few months in the beginning for the garden to grow, but the fruits of that garden are juicier than any other.

5. How Does a Search Engine Work?

We use them every day and yet very few people know how a search engine works at all. How does Google filter billions of websites and show us exactly the ones that are the most helpful at the moment of searching? Behind these results works a complex algorithm (a set of rules) that regularly compares all the billions of websites and sorts them according to over 300 different criteria.

Every search engine uses so-called crawlers, a piece of software that visits websites and reads its content. When a crawler encounters a link on a website, it also searches the contents of the linked page. All the content it captures on its journey gets stored in a huge database, also known as the search engine index. Texts can be read and processed much more easily than multimedia content such as videos. If you update the content on your website regularly, the crawler will also come back more often to see if anything has changed and update the content in the index if necessary.

When you search on Google, the web pages are not searched “live”, but your entered search terms are compared with the database from the index. Here you can see on which websites the search term appears. The Google algorithm decides which of these websites will end up in which position in the search results (search engine ranking). Several database servers are used to efficiently search the entire Internet and deliver search results within seconds. The servers are housed in huge data centers.

As we mentioned before, the algorithm gets updated (changed and improved) every day by the Google programmers. About 5 times per year, there is a big update that really shakes up the search results. This is one of the reasons you can never rest doing SEO. It is continuous because the rules of the game change all the time. We spend 80% of our time reverse engineering the algorithm by experimentation and analysis of thousands of websites in order to always know what works. We are the ones who develop and create modern SEO strategies, while nearly everyone else only learns free information online that is old, spammy, and never quite works.

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