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An Overview

What is Local SEO?

We are an SEO agency for businesses in Baton Rouge and the region. It is only a small part of our entire service, as we operate worldwide, but perhaps the most important one for you. What is SEO and what does it have to do with the success of your business? SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Most customers today use search engines to find the goods and services they need. In order for you to be discovered by your potential customers, you need to be visible among your competition. The best way to do that is to appear in the very place where people are trying to search for the solution to a problem they have. Therefore it is essential for a modern company to be as highly ranked as possible in the search results, preferably at the top, where most people click. You can get into that position with the proprietary strategies used by our Baton Rouge SEO experts.

Benefits of SEO Services

Let us assume that you are a company whose customers are primarily from the region – like a roofer, an attorney, a retail shop, or even a tax consultant. If your website and other web properties are not optimized well enough for the city or use spammy methods, you won’t appear among the top rankings.

Your main advantage with SEO is that you can achieve greater distribution of your company name in the Baton Rouge region and beyond without having to place widespread advertising. Whether you are a global player or a small company, our local online visibility strategies are for you. Once you reach a top position, the visits to your site will increase dramatically and help you grow your business equally so. Don’t miss the opportunity to integrate search engine optimization into your marketing mix. If your site appears far back in the search results, you waste a great deal of potential. Together we will find the best way for your business.

Our Process

We work cleanly and with sustainable results when we start an SEO project. Once you fill out our discovery form, our experts do an in-depth analysis of your website and competitors, check the effectiveness of various keyword combinations for Baton Rouge and create a list of suggestions. We get back to you with a free video analysis within 2 business days to show you the current status of your site and the possibilities for its future.

Once we start our project, we move on to optimize the setup of your website and network it effectively throughout the internet. In order to rank for a competitive search phrase, the page structure, speed, metadata, and many other factors are important. Search engine optimization by an agency involves a revision of your website at various levels. On the one hand, content is prepared and optimized directly on your website. This is done, for example, by matching the content to specific keywords, which increase the relevance for certain search queries of the users.

In addition, design criteria, such as text structuring and the use of image material, are taken into account to increase quality and added value for the reader. But technical factors are also important so that customers can find you in Google. For example, mobile responsiveness of a website is an important ranking factor, since the website content can be viewed in a user-friendly manner, regardless of the device used.side.

SEO is Your Advantage

Due to our continuous research and association with the best SEO experts on the planet, we can beat any of your competitors in Google. That means even if you are a small business, you can win against the biggest business in the region and take the position at the top, transforming you into the authority everybody will see. Running ads in Google or buying leads is expensive and doesn’t lead to the kind of growth that organic rankings can bring you. With ads and leads, you pay for every click or call. With the organic rankings, however, you only pay for the SEO service, while every click is free. This produces a tremendous potential and tends to multiply every local business we work with, from smaller cities like Fort Lauderdale all the way to NYC.

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