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An Overview

1. Visibility via Local SEO

SEO is the most important marketing pillar for businesses here in Boston. It enables you to show up where everyone is searching. Perhaps your business is currently in the start-up phase or maybe would like to break new ground to increase awareness. In this situation, you are often on your own and looking for competent partners. Whatever your individual starting position and your objectives may look like: With a well thought-out online presence and a Boston SEO expert by your side, you can attract the multimedia attention of internet-affine users to yourself even at an early stage of business. If your website is optimized for organic rankings in Google, your chances of attracting new customers and remaining interesting for existing ones increase considerably.

2. Your Marketing Company

Of course, as an entrepreneur, you have dealt with the current situation of your market segment. You know where your unique selling points lie and where you are in direct competition with other companies. The Main metropolis is known for its focus on the financial and banking sectors, but there are also many other industries in the surrounding area. As attractive as the locational advantages may be, your new business will have to stand up to long-established market participants and attract the attention of potential new customers. This is especially so in a region with strong purchasing power, such as Boston. Income in the region is at a high level and the competition in Google is comparable to cities like Austin and Baton Rouge. We are specialized in beating this competition and bringing your business to the #1 spot for your services, even in highly competitive professions like law.

For you, as an entrepreneur, this means you can bring your business forward and grow it to a much larger size. A well thought-out online marketing is an important prerequisite because with a meaningful web presence you are immediately visible to new customers that search for your type of services, like “Boston SEO service” and similar phrases in our own case. After all, you landed on this page most likely by searching and finding us in Google. You should put the optimization of your website into the hands of an experienced agency. We are specialized not only in local Boston SEO but work with clients on a national and international level to develop their online visibility according to their goals and needs.

3. Boston Search Engine Optimization

In order for someone to find you on Google, a website absolutely needs to be on the first page of the search results. The best positions are the first three ranks, which are clicked first by the vast majority of people. If a user does not find what he is looking for, he moves on to the results further below, which means they are second choices for his attention. A position in page 1 certainly brings in customers, but it’s the top spots that we are always aiming for.

But a search engine works according to its own secret rules, which are complex and diverse. SEO experts like us reverse engineer the ever-changing Google algorithm to always know what works today. As an experienced Boston SEO agency, we constantly develop and advance our knowledge of Google and how it changes. Most SEOs out there don’t undertake such an effort and only learn the narrow amount of information that is freely available online. For example, until a few years ago, an optimized website had to use relevant keywords as often as possible on a given page, which is why you have probably seen websites that seem to stuff a lot of keywords into the text, making it sound unnatural to human readers. Google, however, once determined such a page to be more relevant to said keywords, since they were used so often. These spammy times are long past, however many SEO providers still do this today, which we can never quite believe when we see it. Today Google is much smarter about such simple ways to game its rankings. The optimal content on a page can only be determined by modern SEO experts that understand the way search engines work today.

In order for search engine optimization to work optimally, we use many different tools. The combination of website analysis, keyword analysis and networking of your web presence with authority websites results in a process that builds your own authority in Google’s eyes.  We support you in identifying the most important keyword and determining the organic distribution of these keywords across your website.

4. Always Stay on Top

Once your website has reached a high rank and shows up well in Google Maps, you will be found by new and existing customers. Your competition will notice you and even the media may one day contact you to ask you questions as a professional in your industry. In other words, you will become an authority brand, simply because you are at the top and have a great looking website that makes a connection to its visitors. At this point at the latest, you can be sure that all of these visitors will be paying attention.

As an online marketing agency with the specialization and focus on SEO, we not only care about bringing you to the top but keeping you there and defending that position for years to come. After all, your competition does not rest and Google changes literally every day. This is why we work with our clients indefinitely and server as a kind of ranking insurance – a group of SEO scientists that always knows what works currently and makes changes to your website and your optimization as time goes on, ensuring your continued success at the top of the search engine. As online marketers, we also point several sources of traffic your way, ranging from organic traffic via SEO all the way to social traffic and PPC ads on Google. The end result is a booming local (or national) business that grows and multiplies in size.

5. Our SEO Service

We love social media! Having a social presence has gained enormously in importance in recent years. We create and optimize your place on Twitter, Facebook, and many other locations. Most importantly, we encourage you to have at least one video for your business – a simple 2-minute introduction that shows you, maybe your team, and enables people to make a connection to your business when they visit your website. Having a video on YouTube and embedding it on your website is powerful, not only for higher conversion (more visitors becoming customers) but also because videos rank well on Google and the video platform itself, which means more eyes on your business than you could have with just a website alone.

All of this put together makes the solid foundation your business needs online. It is a foundation upon which authority brands are built and maintained, just like yours is going to be.

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