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The potential of SEO

Search engine optimization is a powerful marketing option that, with our sophisticated application, leads to a drastic increase in traffic to your business website. This enables to a large increase in sales figures and revenue, building your customer base thanks to great online visibility.

SEO is not only beneficial for businesses in Colorado Springs but equally relevant for regional businesses, nationally positioned companies, and internationally oriented corporations. The Internet is limitless and knows no distances that are not just a click away. Every website, no matter where it is in the world, is only a second away from the next one. The businesses that recognize this and take appropriate actions by optimizing their web presence, reach a new level and expand into an authority in their region. Without the Internet and all facets of search machine optimization, such growth is impossible.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO can be roughly reduced to the goal of making your website the most relevant & important for selected search phrases within the Google search results, thus getting you to be displayed at the top. This is the ideal case and, depending on the competition, can only be realized and maintained on a long-term basis, since it takes months of time to optimize your website and increase your authority.

This is often the case with nationwide search phrases or if you are in direct competition with large companies and a very strong web presence. For this reason, your individual marketing concept is always based on short-term and long-term goals. We want you to be able to profit as soon as possible from our work, which is why we generally like to run Google Ads to our client websites right from the start.

We put the quality and direct success of your company in the focus of our online marketing practices. With us as your partner for SEO in Colorado Springs and beyond, your long-term position at the top is very close. We enable you to compete in your industry and region with the big companies so that you become one of winning businesses yourself.

Our Service

After you fill out our discovery form, we do a detailed keyword analysis, which means we define and analyze the keywords that have the most potential for your business. Once we have a clear picture of your goals and the competitors we need to outrank in Google, we get back to you with a free video analysis that outlines everything you need to know. If we then move forward to work together, we simply send you an agreement that we both sign.

SEO is no magic but involves proprietary knowledge, a lot of work, and creativity. The optimization on your website, the so-called “on-page optimization”, is the basis upon which everything builds and hence the first thing we do. Everything else happens out on the web. It involves social media and networking your web presence with other authoritative websites. This process never comes to an end and always needs to be adjusted to the changing Internet as well as Google’s algorithm, which is updated and improved every day.

Long-Term Success

We take a no-nonsense approach to what we do and care little for fluff or sales tactics. In fact, we don’t sell at all. We just make our own websites visible and prove what we are worth by doing so. After all, you are here right now and that is what you want for your own business.

SEO is not a one time package or service, it is a race that needs to be run continuously. Back in the old days, people got to the top of Google by using all kinds of spam and tricks that were destined to fail as Google’s algorithm got better at recognizing such methods. Our methodology has always been clean and natural, as we want to rank at the top for years to come, if not forever. Spammers get penalized and lose their websites and incomes, yet despite the fact that such behavior doesn’t work anymore, plenty of agencies and individuals still happily offer cheap SEO that gets you nowhere. We are not interested in working with businesses that have no budget. Our batting average is 100% because we charge the correct amount, neither less nor more.

The goal of our partnership is to turn you into an authority brand. It does not matter whether you are a roofer, and HVAC professional, a law firm, or some other local service provider. Your name can be an authority brand – and it will be, once you stand at the #1 position in Google, where everyone sees you and takes you seriously simply for being there. Once this goal is reached (expect 4 to 12 months), we constantly keep you there even through all the changes that Google is going to do to its algorithm.

If you multiply your business and end up spreading to other cities like New York (NYC) or Detroit, MI, we can expand our project and rank you in all of those cities as well. This is how national companies are built and doing so is our specialty.

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