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1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the craft of being found on the web by as many people as possible. Every internet presence is only as good as its placement in the common search engines. In order for your website to be found quickly and easily by every potential customer, it needs to appear in the top 3 of Google and in the Google Maps right above that. Anyone looking for goods and services online usually does not bother to look on page 2. We have joked in the past that page 2 is the best place to hide a body – or a dead business that is stuck with its current customer base and needs to rely on expensive means or word of mouth to maintain it at its current level. To grow and secure a constant stream of new customers, your business needs to show up at least somewhere in the top 10 of the search engine results. To do this, your web presence needs to be polished according to the criteria of search engine optimization.

To the layman, ranking in Google may sound like wizardry, but our Columbus SEO agency specializes on this craft and has been doing it for businesses all over the nation. We combine our proprietary authority increasing processes and other components of Internet marketing into a coherent overall concept that leads your website and brand to newfound success. Our ultimate goal in this endeavor is to establish you as one of the major hero brands in Columbus, OH, and any other franchises you may have in other cities – like Boston or Colorado Springs. Ranking at the #1 spot and in the Maps section yields 40% of the Google search traffic for your type of service, far more than any other online source can provide – including the ads on Google itself. This enables tremendous growth and helps your business to multiply in size and revenue.

2. Our Service

If an agency specializes in online marketing, it should be able to use the full range of effective strategies. Our SEO service is only one part of a coherent overall online presence, albeit the most important one that generates the greatest results.

After filling out our discovery form, we check to what extent your website already meets the criteria of Columbus search engine optimization and how strong your competitors are since we need to beat them in Google. At the beginning of every SEO project, we find out which keywords are important for your industry and your company. We analyze what keywords potential customers are looking for, what questions they ask and what information they need. We also consider your web design and technology, which should be fast and easy for visitors to understand. At the same time, the performance must remain stable, even if there is a high number of visitors at the same time.

Another building block of successful online marketing is your presence in social media. Optimizing and expanding your social profiles is an important part of what Google wants a modern website to have, as more and more internet-savvy readers are interacting with Facebook, Twitter, and other such platforms. This is, in part, about keeping an eye on your online reputation and ensuring that Google considers your business modern and authoritative. Our SEO agency provides all and many more aspects in a coordinated concept and applies them to improve the ranking of your website in Google until you sit at the very top.

3. Conversion Optimization

Most local business websites we see are not in good shape and don’t make a connection with their visitors. Typically, the wording on such websites is general and meaningless marketing speak. Oftentimes they don’t even show their faces. Such design choices result in a low conversion rate, which is the percentage of visitors that turn into customers. The goal for you and all of our clients is to be a hero brand – a company that stands for something, is interesting and makes a connection. People that visit your site should feel warm and invited.

Another aspect that makes your visitors enjoy staying on your website more, is an intuitive user interface. The website should not be overloaded, but concise & clean, beautiful fonts & well-chosen images, and always offer the most important and newest information. Of course, the loading time of your site should remain low even if the traffic on your site increases sharply. This can be the case, for example, if you have just started a new advertising campaign.

Our SEO experts pay attention to these details and combine them into harmonious web design. We generally don’t create new websites but improve the ones our clients have. In nearly all cases, we also add a blog and a lot of additional content in the form of articles that we properly interlink with each other to give your website more meat. This is because “thin content” is a spam signal to Google and we wish to ensure that Google never considers your website as anything but one of high quality.

4. Video SEO

In addition to the actual analysis of the website and the organic SEO, we also point other sources of traffic your way. This includes video traffic, social media traffic, business citations, and Google ads, the latter being optional due to additional cost.

One of the most important secondary properties you can have online is a YouTube video (at least one) of your business. It can be as little as 90 seconds long and has the purpose of showing you, your voice, and perhaps some of your team. By embedding such a video on your website, people will have a voice and face to connect to, something far more powerful than a plain website and certainly more than most of your competitors do. Perhaps even better: YouTube belongs to Google and its videos rank very well in the search engine, as you may have noticed in the past. Having 2 properties – your website and a video – both on page 1 of Google is very powerful and brings in even more Columbus search traffic. Of course, the video can also rank on YouTube itself. Video SEO is one of our specialties and something we always like to add to the online marketing mix for all of our clients.

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