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An Overview

1. The Advantage of SEO

There are many ways a potential customer can find your business in Dallas. Many services buy leads from directories or brokers, others run ads in Google. Both of these can bring in new business for sure, but they are also expensive and hard to scale. With our proprietary SEO processes, your business is going to rank organically in the search engine and shows up where people are looking for the services you offer. While ads have a cost for every click, ranking orgincally brings in free traffic to your website.

Also, people are much more likely to interact with organic results than paid ads, since a negative feeling associated with clicking on an ad. Not only does a top ranking bring in more traffic at zero cost, it also makes you look important. When someone sees your business at the top, it is human nature to perceive you as an authority in the area. This fact helps with sales and is why we focus a lot on making you a hero brand, as we call it.

2. Our Process

Once you send us your inquiry by filling out the discovery form, our Dallas SEO experts go ahead and analyze your website, its strength, technical optimization, possible spam issues, and everything else needed to understand your starting point and what needs to be done. We also take a close look at your competitors on the first page of Google to find out how well they are optimize compared to your website. This gives us a clear roadmap of the needs and possibilities of your online presence.

Within the following 48 business hours, we get back to you with a free video outlining our findings and the possibilities for your business. Given that we know how our past and existing clients perform once they reach the top of Google, we can make good predictions for your own business. Note that we base the pricing for your Dallas SEO service on the strength of the competition and the value of the available search traffic.

If we move ahead and work together, we generally do so for a long and fruitful time to come. The first thing we do is fix existing issues on your website, ensure that it becomes as fast as it can be, add metadata, mobile device optimization, additional content, and optimize it for conversion so that a larger percentage of your visitors end up filling out your form or giving you a call. Once all the technical details are done, we move on to network your website and other web properties online and build up their authority. Google pays attention to over 300 different aspects of a website to determine its ranking, all of which we set up and use to their maximum efficiency.

In the end, you are going to reach the top position in both the search results and the Google Maps section. From that point on, we hold you in that position and keep your SEO up to date with the latest industry standard best practices.

3. Video SEO

The best way for your visitors to connect to you and your business is to have a video on your website. As online visibility professionals, we point more than one type of web traffic your way. While SEO is the most important one and our main focus, videos also play a role. YouTube is a huge search engine itself and belongs to Google. With our strategies, we can rank your video both on YouTube and Google as well, thus securing yet another position in the search engine for you. Think about it: if your video shows up in the top 10, it means that one of your competitors gets pushed to the second page of the search results. Also, a video always shows up with an image, making it impossible not to notice.

4. Beyond Dallas

We are not merely a Dallas SEO agency and work with businesses in many countries around the globe, reaching all the way to Australia and Germany. It does not matter where you are or if you have multiple franchises and locations. Do you want to rank for your services in multiple cities, such as Detroit or San Diego? That is our specialty. Our proprietary strategies work everywhere and are not limited by borders.

5. A Value Analysis

If 2,000 people search for your type of service per month, a position at the top and in Google Maps can get you 40% of that traffic (for free). For lawyers, especially in the personal injury sector, the cost per click for an ad in Google is typically very high and goes over 100 dollars (yes, for one click!). So if such a law firm were to rank, they’d receive tens of thousands of dollars worth of free traffic every month. For other professions, like roofers, the cost per click is around 30 dollars. Given that thousands of local people search for roofers every month, a roofer would receive a 5-figure traffic value as well. And this does not count the phone calls coming in through Google Maps. What would 100+ additional phone calls per month through your Maps listing mean for your business?

All of this only happens in the top positions. Business owners that have never been there generally underestimate the value of SEO in Dallas, because they are used to trickles of traffic. Running ads is not only expensive, but it also doesn’t bring the same amount of traffic. People don’t like to click on ads and so you will only get a small percentage of clicks. After all, there is only so much traffic to be had and scaling your business under these circumstances is impossible. With #1 rankings, however, our clients tend to multiply their business.

Due to the high number of additional customers, the ROI for our local SEO projects is typically between 10-60.

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