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We are no ordinary SEO agency

We are a group of SEO scientists and spend 80% of our time developing modern strategies.
Most agencies just learn SEO >> We create it. We test it. We perfect it.
This is how we stay on top of what Google wants the ideal website to be like.

Our proprietary authority building processes represent great influence:
The influence to take your business and make it the most visible in your area.

Value of SEO in Detroit

Ads are expensive and cost per click. By ranking at the top of Google, all clicks are free. Detroit is a great city with many opportunities: 91% of the population searches for local businesses in Google. By appearing at the top, your business is going to be put in a position to grow significantly and even multiply.

Long Term Success

Twice per day, Google changes & improves its ranking algorithm. Due to our ongoing research, we remain on top of these changes and make your website future-proof. We shield you against spam and apply every new strategy that we develop. This way, we ensure high rankings for as many years as we are working together.

Thought Leader

We are successful because we develop the very strategies and standard best practices that others just learn. Today, 92% of everything we do is proprietary. Our authority building processes are based on continuous research and remain unavailable to both our and your competition.

Search Engine Optimization Detroit, MI

Core Values

We are driven by values that supersede monetary goals.
We only work with positive, heroic brands, businesses, and people.
Because life is good when you love what you do.

Our SEO is powerful and we refuse to give bad businesses such influence in their market.
Most agencies are bad at SEO and can’t retain clients, so they sell to as many businesses as possible.
We get to work with our clients for years. Profit takes care of itself and we pay it no mind.
Our #1 priority is to care about you and your business. Our clients become our friends.


Many marketing agencies still apply spammy old tactics that cost little and don’t work, which is why many businesses get burned by bad SEO services. Our strategies work in symbiosis with Google’s wishes and use natural means that stand the test of time. We build your authority with Google and it will reward you for it.

You, Everywhere

While SEO is our main focus, we ultimately point many sources of traffic to your website, using business citations, social media, video, Google ads, and more. Depending on feasibility, we sometimes also rank bbb-profiles and other web properties in Google, giving you more than just one spot in the search engine.

Not Only for Detroit

We serve clients in many countries and have ranked websites across the world. Since the web has no borders, our strategies work independent of location or industry. Bringing a local business to the top of Google in Detroit or multiple locations is easy for us when compared to global or national projects.

We Have a Social Mission

Who’s Talkin’ Media is based on powerful principles and values. Our founder has always supported conservation efforts and charities.
Do you represent a non-profit? Do you plan a new project or need help with your website? Is a local business attached to you that provides funding?
If so, you are welcome to contact us. We are happy to advise you for free or help at very low cost.

“Who’s Talkin’ Media leaves entire marketing departments in the dust.
There are very few SEO professionals with this much understanding of Google
and how to turn websites into customer magnets.”

– T. Proctor, Online Entrepreneur

Detroit SEO – An Overview

Our Detroit SEO Service

Our strategies for SEO are individually tailored to your company and goals. SEO includes not only OnPage optimization, such as optimizing loading speed and usability, but also OffPage optimization with high quality networking of your web properties across the Internet.

When you send us your inquiry via our discovery form, we analyze your website and identify its improvement potential. As an SEO agency, we pay special attention to the keywords you need to target and the competition we need to beat. If we end up working together, we start by improving your website and as far as it is technically feasible. We then carry out various OffPage optimizations. This includes the placement of Google ads as well as the comprehensive integration into the social media to effectively increase your reach. Of course, all measures will be carried out according to your business model. We do the SEO primarily to rank you in Google since over 90% of all people use this search engine.

A project with lively exchange and transparency is our top priority. Therefore, we inform you with regular reports on progress and are available to answer questions.

Local Detroit Search Engine Optimization

Local search engine optimization has become very important in recent years and the number of local search queries is constantly increasing. Every third search query on Google now has a local reference. What exactly does that mean? Potential customers search for a service in their city, like “Detroit roofer” or “Detroit SEO expert”, to find service providers in their area, just like you probably did to find this page.

But in a city like Detroit competition is fierce and you need to invest in high-quality SEO services to reach the top 3 in Google. This is where the majority of potential customers are clicking. Companies that depend on a local clientele need local SEO for long-term success.

As an agency, we take your requirements for into account and tailor our strategies to specific target groups. In this way, we not only achieve a better position for your website on Google and thus higher traffic for your website but also ensure a high return on investment in the long term. ROI for our clients is nearly always higher than 10.

Mobile SEO Firm in Detroit, MI

Search queries for local professionals are particularly frequent on mobile devices. But only a website with a responsive design gets a good mobile position in Google. Therefore, responsive web design is an important factor for SEO. Usability, like fast loading times, easy navigation and accessible information, are the be-all and end-all to inspire potential customers and achieve positive ratings.

We are happy to set up an appealing and user-friendly responsive web design for you to achieve a good position in Google, if your website does not meet this standard already.

We point multiple traffic sources your way and like to run Google Ads right from the start. This way, potential customers can find your website at short notice and you can make back the money you spend on our SEO project right away. As Google pay per click experts, we place targeted ads on Google according to our SEO strategy in order to lead your website to success faster. Since SEO is a slow process and can take half a year to bring you into a good position, runnings ads take the scary part out of it, since they will make back the money that you are spending – and then some.

Social Media & Youtube SEO

Likes and Shares in social media are a sign of importance to the Google algorithm, which the search engine considers more and more. In addition, followers from social media can be forwarded to your actual website and thus serve as a new traffic source, which can also positively influence your position in Google.

Social media have become an integral part of comprehensive marketing. The selection of suitable channels and the target-group-specific implementation are important factors for increasing the reach and are therefore also part of successful Denver search engine optimization. As the second largest search engine after Google, YouTube should not be missing from a comprehensive SEO strategy. Video content is becoming more and more popular with potential customers and can also rank well in Google itself.

Qualified Detroit SEO Experts

Why should you entrust us with the search engine optimization of your website? Well, you found us on the search engine, didn’t you? We specialize in optimizing the visibility and reach of your Internet presence. We distinguish ourselves through our wealth of experience and the use of proprietary strategies that your competitors and other SEO providers don’t have access to. With us, you have a competent partner at your side for many years to come.

SEO is a decisive factor in a successful marketing strategy, but many dubious agencies cast a bad light on SEO. In order to make money quickly, they use spammy methods, which in the worst case are punished by Google with high penalties that can cripple your online success. Our strategies are clean and powerful, and we use them to rank businesses both in Detroit and other cities like New York or Baton Rouge, or even nationwide.

As a modern Detroit SEO company that operates worldwide, we are not only experienced but also develop the latest advancements in SEO ourselves. With us, you get to work with the masters, not the students. Using proven tools, we perform comprehensive analyses of your website and develop goal-oriented strategies that we update and change over time as Google itself changes. Over time, we continue to ensure your website keeps ranking and is always up to date according to the latest changes at Google. The Internet never stands still and so we remain constantly on the move for our clients.

With experts from the fields of programming, web design, social media, content and SEO, we cover the entire spectrum of online marketing with our know-how and are happy to help you build your brand – from the creation of a corporate identity, planning and implementation of your website to search engine optimization and long-term support.

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