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1. Search Engine Optimization

About 90% of all people search on Google, which means that showing up at the top results in massive visibility in your market. With our search engine optimization strategies, we help you to reach potential customers all over Eugene. Over time, our SEO agency builds the authority of your website, so that Google values it ever more and ranks it at the top of the local search results. This way, you will be visible to everyone that searches for the type of services you provide.

2. Be found in the local search

Users who make a local search request often want to make direct use of a specific offer or service. It is important that your website is optimized according to our local SEO strategies in order to get a high ranking in these local searches on Google. This is the only way to reach people that already have a high willingness to buy your services. We apply SEO in Eugene for you, so that you can strengthen your foothold in your area. If you are also present in other cities and states outside of Oregon, like New York, we can help you rank well in those areas as well. What we do is not limited to any specific location.

Since more than half of all web traffic is now happening on phones, it is important to have an optimized website that looks good on any device. It is of great importance for your Google ranking that your website is mobile friendly.

An internet presence has to be attractive for users on PC as well as phones. This includes quick loading times and content that adapts to the respective screen size. We carry out mobile optimization for you so that your website gets well ranked on mobile devices by Google. This way, you can expand your customer base in a targeted manner and increase your turnover in the long term.

3. Video and Social Media

One of our core approaches to making your business the most visible in its area is to use video content and other platforms, like Facebook, to bring even more people your way. All digital roads should lead to you! Since YouTube belongs to Google, it ranks very well in the search engine and represents a great opportunity to make a connection to your potential customers.

Video is much more real to people than text on a web page, so having at least one video up on YouTube and the search engine is very important and useful to turn visitors into customers. Plus, it is impressive and powerful to take over multiple spots on the first page of Google by showing up with your website as well as videos or social media pages.

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