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The goal of search engine optimization

SEO involves a lot of work, creativity, and know-how. Its ultimate goal is to make your website and secondary web properties (like Youtube videos or a Yelp listing) an authority in your market and area. Authority means that Google recognizes your relevance and importance and ranks you at the top of the search results, causing potential customers to flock your way. Since all the traffic received from the organic search engine rankings is free, the craft of SEO is far more cost-effective than other types of marketing or lead buying, as these methods represent traffic that is not free. Local businesses in particular benefit greatly from top rankings and tend to multiply in revenue and size – this has been our experience with all of our clients.

The optimization of your website is a process that never ends or at least should never end. Depending on the competition, high rankings can only be achieved and retained on a long-term basis, since it takes several months to build up the authority of your website enough for Google to begin ranking it on the first page (top 10 results). Google changes and improves the way it evaluates websites every day and your competition does not rest. Due to these factors, SEO is a craft that needs to be continuous. As a Fort Lauderdale SEO company, we serve as your ranking insurance, which simply means that we are well informed of major changes in the search engine and react accordingly.

We put the long-term success of your business in the focus of our online visibility strategies. Even a low spot on the first page of Google increases your customer base and recoups your monthly SEO investment. From that point on, every further advancement in your rankings brings you closer to a market-dominating position. With our proprietary authority building strategies for SEO in Fort Lauderdale, a placement at the top is not far away.

Why choose SEO over Google Ads?

Search engine optimization is a more future-oriented and sustainable investment. It is the main pillar of every successful website, small or large. Its main benefit is that it brings in large quantities of free traffic. When running ads in Google, you pay per click and only get traffic until your daily budget is spent. Another disadvantage of running ads is that most people don’t like to click on them and you have no guarantee of generating enough revenue from your ads to break even.

It makes sense in the short term to place ads, but in the long term, it is best to use a combination of SEO and ads to get the most amount of traffic. Many of our clients focus completely on organic SEO traffic and fare very well with that approach since advertisements are an eternal cost factor. This play into another benefit of SEO: even search phrases that don’t bring many customers are profitable. Organic traffic has zero cost save for our services, thus removing the break-even point. With ads, you always have to check whether they work out.

Becoming the local “Hero Brand”

Whether you run a local business in Fort Lauderdale or in multiple locations across Florida and other states, ranking at the top makes you look important to everyone who sees you, simply because you are in that position. It is effectively a recommendation by Google and something we always aim to achieve for each of your locations. The ads may be placed above the organic search results, but they do not have this effect, as people know you are there because you pay Google for it. There is no substitute for the gold medal at the top of the organic search listing.

Ready for the biggest benefit? It is something that ads cannot do. We can not only rank your website in Google, but also your Youtube videos, your BBB listing, your Facebook page, and so on. It depends on feasibility and competition, but in principle, all of these properties can be ranked just like your website. How about having 3 properties on the first page of Google instead of just one?

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