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1. Search Engine Optimization

Most local businesses already have a foundational online presence, such as a website and Facebook page. But having such pages is only the beginning. In order to be successful, your website needs to be visible online when people search for the types of products and services you provide. Achieving this is the ultimate goal of Los Angeles search engine optimization. SEO helps to reach your exact target group and to channel them into your sales online presence. While badly or not at all optimized websites get lost in the web and are rarely found, a well-optimized site attracts visitors and thus customers like a magnet.

It is important to work with a Los Angeles SEO agency that can not only generate success but also defend it against your competition. Nothing is worse than a website that got spammed by a cheap LA SEO service – it brings no success and causes websites to be penalized by Google. With over 90% market share, Google has a monopoly in the field of search engines. A local business like yours can benefit tremendously from ranking at the top where everyone can see you. Due to ongoing research across our website portfolio, our proprietary methodology is always up to date, safe, and natural. We build the authority of your website and brand in Google, enabling high rankings for years to come as we always adapt to the latest changes in the Google algorithm. With us by your side, you have the benefit of working with the people who invent SEO instead of just learning it. Our goal is to make you a hero brand in Los Angeles, an authority that people come to recognize.

2. Local SEO Agency

By ranking at the top of Google and in the map section, a local business like yours generally receives 40% of the search traffic plus direct phone calls through your map listing. In a large city like Los Angeles, the number of monthly calls you can get from Google Maps is typically in the 3 figures, depending on your industry. This only happens, of course, if you rank in the top 3, which means you show up on local searches above the organic positions. Ads do not reach such high numbers because people don’t like clicking on them. Once a local business achieves high rankings of this type and takes over the top, it is put in a situation of tremendous growth. All of the traffic coming in through these organic rankings is free and enables a large increase in monthly profit. The only expense is going to be the monthly SEO budget to be competitive, a cost much smaller than it would ever be to run ads.

A typical search engine optimization process is iterative. In particular, the implementation and control are subject to cyclical repetition, as the competitive environment and the rules of the Google algorithm are constantly evolving. Our SEO team works in 4-week implementation sprints with continuous monitoring of progress and monthly checks of the relevant key figures.

When you work with our local SEO experts to improve with your technical website optimization and SEO, you will quickly notice better rankings. While you won’t rank in the top 3 overnight (typically 4-12 months depending on the competition), we always produce a quick jump from lower pages, say page 4, to a higher page, say page 2. That is, you will quickly see that something positive is going on. High-income professionals like attorneys make back their SEO investment very quickly. With most professions, like roofing or medicine, 1-3 additional customers per month are enough to pay for the SEO. The return happens quickly and easily, making this a very sustainable and lucrative form of marketing.

Our long term goal is the #1 position for every client we work with. Your success is our success, and so far our batting average is 100%. A proverb in the SEO industry says that it is nowhere easier to hide a body than on page 2 of Google since no one goes there. The moment you appear on page 1 (the top 10), even at the bottom, you are going to get traffic and new customers. At this point, the SEO project pays for itself – and then some. The higher your website ranks, the more of your potential customers you will automatically be able to reach. We rank your site for industry-specific keywords to get the most out of your site.

3. Multiple Traffic Sources

SEO may be our primary focus due to its extreme ROI and importance, we are ultimately online marketers. One traffic source is fine and good, but we want all roads to point to your business. That is why we also run Google ads (if you wish) right away to instantly bring back in the money you spend on our project. We use social media, video, business citations, and other authority websites to bring more traffic to your website and enable you to increase your business to its maximum.

Videos, in particular, are an interesting subject that we like to push for all of our clients. If you have a general introductory video, say 90-120 seconds long, we can rank it both on YouTube and Google. Secondary rankings like this can be very powerful! Imagine having your website, a video, and a business citation on the first page of Google. Every spot you hold means that one competitor gets pushed to the second page and you are even more likely to be discovered by new customers.

Are you located in a suburb or town outside of the LA city limits? Maybe you are in Santa Clarita or small places like Castaic, where few people are searching in Google. Performing Castaic SEO would indeed be ineffective given the low population, but you don’t need to worry. Even if your business is not located in Los Angeles itself, you can still rank in Google for local searches.

Perhaps you have additional franchises in other cities, like Columbus or Boston, or maybe you grow so much that you want to expand to San Diego. Whatever the case may be, we are not focussed on one city but operate globally and help clients in multiple countries. We can rank your business for local search terms in every city you are in or move into. This is how national companies are forged.

4. Conversion Optimization

What good are visitors on your website if no one calls you? That is why we not only focus on rankings Google but also improve the conversion rate of your website. Most local business sites have meaningless text that doesn’t connect to anyone. We see a lot of sites without contact form on the home page, and the phone number is often displayed in the wrong place.

There are many factors that determine whether people feel compelled to contact you or not. By making your website better and more connectible, the conversion rate can be increased to a point where, say, twice as many people fill out your contact form or pick up the phone. In other words, we bring you traffic and help you convert more of that traffic, increasing the overall outcome and ROI of the project even further.

5. LA SEO Service With Large ROI

A website ranked at the top is essentially a salesman that automatically brings in new customers 24 hours day, every day. No matter where you get your traffic, everybody monetizes their traffic, either with ads or by selling leads (e.g. phone calls). Not only are such marketing methods costly, but they are also limited. With SEO and organic traffic, you are in a very different position. A high ranking in Google is the only place where you can get free traffic in large quantities – the largest quantities, in fact. No other traffic source, including the ads, bring as many people to your website than a top position does.

SEO increases your sales for free. That is the beauty of it and the reason for its tremendous ROI. Many of our clients make around 20 times as much additional profit as they spend on our services. Some projects go up to 60 times ROI, but that is very dependant on the industry. With higher visibility in LA, targeted visitors coming to your website, and a good conversion rate, your sales and revenue will reach a level that none of our clients were ever able to meet at first. No one is set up for the amount of new business that comes in once these rankings are achieved. This means you will be able to expand your business and become a better company. Soon, your name or brand gets recognized and remembered. After all, everyone will find you on #1, whether they end up becoming your customers or not. If you would like to our next success story, fill out our discovery form today.

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