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Google ads are especially expensive for the legal profession and the bar is strict in regards to ethical advertising. By ranking at the top of Google, you can avoid all that and be seen exactly when someone looks for legal services. All of these people come to your website for free, and no other online source has this much traffic.

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Attorney SEO Services

An Overview

Why is SEO worthwhile for lawyers?

Very few people have a permanent lawyer to call on in case of doubt. That’s why they have to look for a new lawyer depending on the case. However, most people no longer use yellow pages or written advertising to convince themselves of a law firm. Your appearance online plays a much more important role today, but spots in Google are limited yet that is where 90% of all people search. Search engine optimization (SEO) aims to bring your website into one of the top Google positions for your area.

What can you achieve with law firm SEO?

The results of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing suggest to people that the law firms with high rankings are also particularly competent and in demand. This is what is known as the halo effect – your business looks better to people because a powerful brand (Google) basically recommends you. Even without knowing the content of your site, people value your law firm higher than others that appear lower in the search results. What’s more, only the top 5 search results get a good amount of interaction, so ranking high is very important.

What we do in a nutshell

Our attorney SEO strategies ensure an ever-improving ranking in the search results. We target the search phrases that people really enter into Google and optimize your website and other online properties for these terms. This is to make it easy for Google to understand what your site is about. Since a search engine is a computer, it cannot think and needs to rely on the information on a website to understand what it is about and relevant for. In this process, we ensure that Google understands exactly that you are an authority on, let’s say, DUI law in your particular city.

We also improve the structure and speed of your website, which should be as user-friendly as possible and is also a quality factor to Google. Apart from this on-page optimization, as it is called, we also work outside of your website. By optimizing your business citations, adding new citations, integrating everything into social media and getting other relevant websites to link to yours, Google begins to see you as an authority. The more authority you acquire, the higher Google wants to place you in the search results.

A Value Analysis

If you run ads in Google for law-related search phrases, you will find that prices can go up to several hundred dollars per click. Pricing for law firms is huge, and of course, businesses are willing to pay it due to the high income of this profession. However, if you rank in the normal Google search results and in Google Maps, all the people that click over to your website come in for free. The only cost associated with this process is our service, which is far more affordable than paying Google for the same traffic. In fact, most people know very well that the top results are ads and actually avoid them. Because of this fact, only 20% of people click on the ads, while the organic search results drive the other 80%. This means you can get way more traffic and a way lower cost than you could through ads.

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Law Firm SEO Services

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