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1. The advantage of SEO

Once a local New York company is #1 in Google, it also shows up in Google Maps. Not only do these two positions bring tremendous amounts of traffic, it also makes you appear as an authority. If you run ads, on the other hand, you do not have this effect. While the ads may appear even higher up than the organic search results, most people know they are ads and scroll past them. The same applies to the search engines of Bing and Yahoo. Imagine appearing multiple times on the first page of Google. This is something you cannot achieve with normal advertising.

2. What do we do?

If you contact us via our discovery form, we first analyse your website and see how good or bad it has already been optimized. We then identify the keywords (search terms) for which your business needs to rank in Google (like “NYC SEO” in our case). We examine how often these keywords are being searched every month, how much value you can get out of them, and how high the competition is going to be. The pricing for your SEO projects are always based on that competition and the value of the available traffic.

Once we start working together, we apply our dependable search engine optimization strategies to your website in terms of speed, metadata, smartphone presentation, the content itself, and many more details. We then ensure that your website is optimally networked across the rest of the Internet and integrated into all available social media platforms. This process has many different aspects and needs to be carried out in a certain way. Through constant research, we keep our strategies up to date, because the possibilities for SEO and Google’s algorithm change over time.

3. Video SEO

At the end of the day, we are ultimately online marketing experts and point multiple traffic sources your way. Videos are far more popular than text and optimally connect your ideal customer with your company or product. It is always a good idea to use video content to reach more people!

Did you know that YouTube belongs to Google? Also, it is the second largest search engine in the world and people do look for local businesses on it. Video platforms are popular today and already get visited by millions of people from New York. We not only specialize in bringing websites to the top in Google but also optimize videos on YouTube. This is but one aspect of our many strategies. You don’t have to produce a masterpiece as long as you have at least one video.

4. Beyond NYC

Who’s Talkin’ Media works with Hero Brands like yours all over the world. Our non-US based clients come from England, Germany, Canada, Australia, and sometimes Japan. It is irrelevant whether you are only based in New York or also run branches in other cities, like Detroit or Austin, TX. We are always ready for your projects because our strategies work worldwide.

5. A Value Analysis

A top 3 position in Google is far more valuable than most business owners imagine. There are many reasons you need to take SEO seriously: 90% of all customers go through Google. If you appear on Yelp or Home Advisor and get some traffic from that, it’s usually because these platforms are getting direct visitors from the search engine. Google itself is the source of that traffic! A top ranking allows your business to get all of that traffic directly and grow rapidly. When you show up in the top 3 you also show up in Google Maps and can expect to get 40% of the available traffic – plus direct phone calls from Google Maps. If you were previously on page 2 of Google (or even further back), this is usually a 100-fold increase in visitors on your website. We know from experience that SEO takes local businesses like roofers, dentists, and any other to a whole new level.

You should always remember the value of a cutting edge SEO campaign. A top 3 position is more valuable and effective than advertising or buying leads from related websites. Your investment in SEO is going to be less expensive and usually does 10-60 times ROI, but you need to stay realistic and be prepared to spend what’s necessary. Low-cost New York SEO is always spammy and unclean – and there are plenty of agencies that are happy to do that. We are not. It needs to be done correctly because a low-quality project does more harm than good to a website. Google is getting ever better at penalizing wrongdoings. Quality is paramount if your website is to beat all the others. This is particularly true in large metropolitan areas like New York, where competition is very high.

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