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Plastic Surgery SEO

An Overview

Why is SEO so valuable?

79% of people use the Internet regularly – the majority of them use search engines. With around 91% market share, Google is the most frequently used search engine and therefore of great importance to your web presence.

For local professionals, SEO is a form of marketing that has more potential than any other: By ranking in Google, the traffic that comes to your website is free. Any other form of cosmetic surgeon marketing is much more costly than the SEO service that enables you to get said free traffic. This benefit is especially true for doctors of any kind: At the top of Google, you easily attract the attention of potential patients. Traditional industry book entries are cumbersome and have long been obsolete. Patients search online almost exclusively and tend to pick one of the top ranking businesses. If you appear in that spot, patients come to you automatically.

Our SEO for plastic surgeons uses proprietary authority building processes that turn your business into a hero brand, as we call it. The authority of your website is how much Google values it. Our job is to ensure that Google sees your website and business as important in your area – more important than your competition. By doing so, your website receives ever more online visibility until eventually hitting the top of the organic search results. Once we reach this goal, we cement your position, keep and protect it long term. As a cosmetic surgeon, you run a local business and can also appear in the Google map section at the top, which means you can have two spots at the same time. This typically brings in phone calls directly through Google maps, and 40% of the search traffic.

Our SEO Workflow

After you fill out our discovery form, we first do an extensive analysis and evaluation of the actual state of your website. We also take a close look at your competitors and to get a precise understanding of your area, situation, and the potential your business has for growth.

Selection of keywords

Depending on the specialty and your treatment focus, we will jointly select suitable keywords and keyword combinations (longtail keywords). We check these phrases using various analysis tools and filter them according to search volume and competition. This creates your individual keyword set with relevant phrases that serve as a framework for us.

Especially medical professionals are often searched with a regional reference (e.g. “plastic surgeon denver”) because patients want to find someone near them. Therefore, we pay particular attention to the local orientation and optimization of your website when selecting keyword combinations and further search engine optimization. Local SEO is one of our specialties!

Onpage Optimization

As part of the on-page optimization, we check the technical presentation of your website (e.g. reduction of loading times, image optimization) and optimize your content according to the defined keywords and the interests of your potential patients. Especially in the medical field, customers want to feel well informed and in good hands. With high-quality and topic-relevant content, more value can be added for your potential patients, which is rewarded by Google. In addition, we maintain your metadata, set useful internal links, title your images and integrate suitable headings, and other technical aspects.

More and more patients are searching via mobile devices. Therefore, a user-friendly presentation in the mobile view is also necessary so that users do not leave the page prematurely.

Offpage Optimization

Off-page optimization is the largest part of the project and includes the networking of your website with social media and other high authority properties. Search engines see links from other websites to yours as recommendations. The more recommended you are by other important sites, the more authority you gain in Google’s eyes. However, it is about the quality (not the quantity) and topical relevance of such links. For this reason, we take a lot of time and budget for detailed research of relevant places and pages to get links that strengthen your website.

Social media

Successful businesses of all sizes have a social media presence. Google knows and values such activity. If none of your competitors is doing this right, they have a disadvantage. Our integration of social media strengthens the trust that Google places in you. We also like to work with Youtube videos. A video is a perfect way for your potential patients to see your face and hear your voice – to connect with you and get a positive feeling that may very well sway them to pick up the phone. Additionally, such videos rank very well in Google and can provide yet another way for people to find your business.

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