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My business is getting $23,000 worth of free visitors from Google every month thanks to Who's Talkin. Stop reading this and go fill out their form!
- Randy T.

5 Stars

Who's Talking got us to the first page for a search phase that gets 18,000 searches per month. We run an ecommerce store in Canada and now have 3x as much traffic through Google as before. They also ranked us for several other terms. Pure gold!
- Paul


During the last 2 years we went from a small business to one of the leading businesses in our local market. Getting found on Google changes everything. SEO is amazing. Valarim has my total recommendation!
- Timothy L.

Don't wait

Who's Talking doesn't work with everyone. I had to apply to GET to work with them. Says everything. 5 stars! This is what quality and expertise looks like.
- Jimmy Vega

Finally ...

I've been burned 3 times by seo agencies and my old webdesigner. Turns out I paid too little and was working with amateurs. "Who's Talkin'" is a city on a hill in this business. Just do what they say and your business will never be the same. Thank you!
- Richard K.

My recommendation

I used to buy leads on Homeadvisor to get customers for my roofing business. That was more costly than what Valarim charged us for SEO. Now that we're ranking so well, our cost per customer has gone down 80%. Never knew a top spot in Google was that valuable. Will be working with Valarim for a very long time.
- Peter G.


The first thing that comes to mind is: best seo consultant in the country! But Valarim is hailing from Europe. Always interesting to work with people overseas. Different mindset, much less spammy marketing than over here in the US. We have more customers now than we can handle. Great problem to have!
- Thomas M.


Hope your competitors don't start working with Valarim before you do.
- James P.

In good hands

Last summer, our company was just getting by and we were not ranking in Google at all. They took our website and brought us to the first position for our most important search term. Since then we have expanded to about 5 times our old size. Thank you, Thorsten, for doing such a great job for us!
- Patrick Hicky


- James

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